One of the awesome things about travel is meeting people. Sometimes it’s brief and shallow, but it’s what you need at that time. Sometimes you have in-depth discussions about your different cultures and history. Sometimes you gain new perspectives on a situation  (I’ve just finished a very long discussion with my new Chinese biaozi). And sometimes it seems much more. But each connection you make is beneficial. You learn something, you teach something, realise something you need to work on within yourself, be reminded of your good qualities, be shown your not so good ones, learn whats important to you, realise your priorities, be taken somewhere unexpected, be inspired. Even the real shitty connections are important. And believe me I’ve had my fair share. But I don’t wish them away, as they’ve made me who I am today. People come in and out of your life for a reason (please see above), and not all of them will hang around even if you want them to. Enjoy the experience, be appreciate of that person and what they brought to the table, and carry on with no attachments.


I’ve formed friendships and made connections with some amazing people. Whether it’s someone I met at a party hostel in the mountains of Thailand or on a Buddhism course in northern India. Whether it was ending up travelling some them for several months being in each other pockets 24/7, or from what started out as a simple facebook friend because you shared a room on a silent retreat, and over time has developed into a strong friendship, back and forth communication of your thoughts and support. Some of you I speak to often and advice is given because one of us is going through the same shit the other has been through before. And other’s, although in completely different situations are battling the same issues and realising we’re not alone, give guidance to each other. You often know the answer, but for some reason need to hear it from someone else. Each one of these connections is so important, and I don’t know if they will all last, but I value them.


This blog is total rambles (tired brain, thanks biaozi), but I suppose I wanted to just highlight how important all these connections are in life. How important everyone one of you are, even if I don’t want you to be (some of you are right dicks). And I want to say thank you. Thank you to difficult, disruptive, even disturbed people in my life; you’ve challenged me, and helped me to grow. Thank you to my long term friends, who continue to be an incredible source of comfort, laughter, learning and love. And to my new friends, who may not realise it, but I also take so much from, appreciate all that you offer me, and hope that I give something back. And obviously my family, who I can’t help have a connection with, but am bloody lucky to have. Some of you I don’t speak to for months at a time, even years, but every one of you will always have a place in my heart. In my big fat cheesy heart.


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