What do vegans eat? Friggin everything. And stuffing my face with incredible cheese knowing there was no horrific cruelty involved, well, that makes it taste even better.

Yesterday I went to a cheese making workshop run by the awesome In a Nutshell. And wow. Just wow. We made cream cheese, feta cheese, cheese sauce, mozzarella and parmasan. And it was all made from nuts?!?! And obviously some other stuff thrown in too. At the end of the workshop we had a cheese board with aged boursin, cheddar, pepper jack, brie… I was in ultimate cheese heaven. Back when I was in the UK I tried a lot of vegan cheeses, and I mean ALOT. And the majority of the ones I had yesterday were hands the best cheeses I’ve tasted. So now I’ll be eating and making and eating AAALLLLL the cheese. And if you’re lucky I might even make you some. But I’ll probably eat it before it gets that far..

Most people say they could never go to the full vegan extent, because CHEESE (and stupidly and ashamedly I was them same). But just look at this stuff. JUST LOOK. And when you taste it.. Oh my. You don’t need that other crap. That’s not for you anyways, I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you’re not a baby cow.

If you’re wanna know some of the reasons why I would much prefer to eat these amazingly delicious cheeses made from PLANTS instead of hormone filled baby calf growth formula, watch this lil 5 minute vid.  ❤



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