I’ll definitely be going back to Ubud, just to get through all the incredible restaurants and their menus. Wowzers. I am blown away at how amazingly flavoursome and tasty all this vegan food is. Absolutely spoilt for choice. Each meal has been a “HOLY COW THIS IS INSANE”. And who knew RAW could also be so impressive that I would keep going back for more. And so many places have an abundance of Gluten Free options for all you coeliacs out there.

If you’re not interested in food. Look away now, in shame. I’m sorry, but I HAD to do a blog on it. I love food too much not to. I successfully spent the first week going to a different restaurant for every meal. Then after a while I got my favourites and attempted to go through their menus.. still. so. much. more. to. eat. though.

My first meal of Ubud was at The Seeds of Life, and what a start! Wow. The Classic Breakfast BLEW MY MIND. Each mouthful was like whhhhaa!?! This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and my eating frenzie. But don’t worry, it’s all raw vegan so basically it’s GOOD FOR YOU. Even the desserts.. Seeds of Life set the bar pretty high straight away. The cafe has an awesome cosy interior, lovely staff, and a great healthy vibe. Raw vegan and full of flavour. Plus so many healthy additions. I was in heaven. I met an Aussie on my first time there who said she’s a full on meat eater but still comes here as the food is so good (always a good sign), and directed me to the SOL bowl. AMAZING. Anyways, I ate here soooo much I can’t possibly list it all so here are some pictures to get you going and check out there menu. I highly recommend. Plus whats not on their menu is the INCREDIBLE dessert section that changes all the time. WOWZERS. Oh my days I nearly forgot the pizza. Ohh the pizza. Friday’s special whole pizza… god I miss this. I could eat a thousand. YOU HAVE TO EAT THIS.

Next is a little home made style place called Wulan’s Vegetarian Warung. Super cute and cosy I loved it. Although the only thing I ever ate their was the 7 Veg dish because it was so god damn good. Other vegan options are available.


Sayuri’s Healing Food Cafe is another super healthy eats (linked to SOL). Who knew you could make Spirulina taste so good? Not me. But I had that Spirulina vinaigrette dressing on EVERYTHING. My go to dish here was usually the Ocean Bowl when I wanted a real taste of health kick, loved it. Treat yourself to the raw lasagna too. On my last day I had their burritos where were insanely good. Raw and cooked food here. And also waffles with raw cacao ice cream, coconut whipped cream and salted caramel. Have it for breakfast, I did..

Dayu’s Warung and Fussy Bird are run by the same peeps. Only went here a couple of times, but good veggie food and a nice place to chill out. But obviously didn’t wow me enough to miss out my SOL pizza. I know other peeps who loved it here though so maybe my choice of food wasn’t the best!

Only discovered Yellow Flower Cafe near the end of my trip but I loved it. In Penestanan at a beautiful location. Not all veggie but all organic, locally sourced, and made with love. I got the big veg mix dish, and the raw cacao, banana, date energy smoothie (with other stuff in it) was pretty much an awesome dessert.

I ate in YogaBarn once, but for me, the ambience wasn’t the best, it was pricey, and the food was only ok. The smoothie was good but you can’t really go wrong with a cacao smoothie!

Sage. Not so much focused on the healthy side, although they do do tasty healthy options. Had a pretty nice salad one day then another when full force fatty mode and got an awesome burger, followed by fried tempeh. DELISH. Really nice restaurant to have lunch in, with a stunning big circle window looking out into green trees.

Moksa is a bit more on the pricey side (well all these places are more pricey than the standard Balinese restaurant (although still amazing compared to back home)), but beautiful setting, amazing staff, lovely food. Can be hit and miss though as I found out with the taster menu. Some things wow you and others, meh. Maybe I’ve just got it too good now.. However their BBQ Tempeh ‘Ribs’, Gado Gado, and Thai Curry were gooooood. Oh and the desserts, yikes, incredible.

Next one had a lot of hype, and I still don’t entirely get why. In my opinion (and this whole blog please remember is all only MY opinions) it was over priced for what you got, and although was nice in there felt quite like a canteen. Food was good yea, but for what you paid I should have fallen in love, and I didn’t. Other places in Ubud won my heart. The quiche was good. The plain veg mix.. charged what now? The ‘BLT’, say what? Where is it? Ok ok, I’m being mean, there was an awesome taste in there, but I should have gotten two for what I paid and what it consisted of. Alchemy, I’m sorry, but you didn’t do it enough for me.

Another one I didn’t go to often as was a but pricey for me, was Atman Kafe. Good food, good views, but not good enough. Hah. I’m turning into a massive food snob. Can’t get enough of the avo and cacao smoothies though. They are literally life. Plus tempeh in everything. Tempeh is sooooo good out here, marinaded and fried into a lentil dish or made into scrambled ‘egg’ on toast. Boom.

Walking to SOL (yes yes I’m obsessed) I suddenly spotted this place that did vegan options. YES. So obviously I had to have one savoury and one dessert. Which isn’t recommended as they are huge. Super tasty, and an enchanted fairy type feel to the place. I like it. The Spell Creperie, thanks for getting me off the healthy wagon.

And last but not least my beloved 9 Angels. As I’ve said before, an awesome community place with fantastic veggie food for cheap. I ate here a lot. I chilled out here a lot. Highly recommend coming here and experiencing it for yourself. Oh I wanna be baaaccckkkk…. Pictures don’t look great but the only ones I have! I usually ate it to quickly to remember. You wouldn’t have guessed it form my pictures but they have sooo many yummy veggies to chose from.

There are a bunch of places I ate that I haven’t included in here, but I would be here all day if I did. You will find awesome food everywhere, and vegan options in a lot of places; Clear Cafe, Sopa, Sari Origanic, various vegan buffets, the list goes on. Plus a bunch a juice stops along the way and coconuts are always in abundance. And if you’re into healthy eating, wow is this the place for you. Ubud is a friggin Vegan paradise. Even if you’re not vegan you will absolutely love the food and could happily live off it. I guarantee you.


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  1. I loved Ubud! I can’t wait to go back 🙂 All of this food looks amazing!


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