This place is doing me the world of good. I know now why I had to come here, and why I had to stay so long. It’s time to look after my body, and god knows it needs some TLC. From baths filled with petals all the way to colonics. I’m doing it all.

Lets start off with the beginning of my cleansing journey. My purification. A few of us went to Tirta Empul, a Hindu Balinese holy water temple (the biggest in Indonesia), built in 962AD, which is crazy old. It’s absolutely stunning, and within a few pools are over a dozen sculpted spouts pouring out holy fresh spring water. This is where you go to purify your mind and body. When we arrived we made an offering at the temple, then we climbed into the main pool to bathe and pray under each fountain. Seeing as I’m not Hindu I didn’t pray, however I did my own personal ritual and said some positive intentions. There’s something truly special about this place. As you go under each stream of fresh water it feels amazing. I can’t quite explain it, it’s not just that the cool water feels pretty sweet refreshing. But as you stand under saying your prayer or stating your gratitude and aims to the universe, there is such a beautiful calm and peace that goes through you. It’s an experience I will not forget, and highly recommend.

Ubud has an incredible super healthy conscious side to it. So many amazing vegan and health conscious restaurants and cafe’s ready to kick start my body back into shape. It’s not just eating ‘well’ and exercise. It’s filling your body with amazing goodness, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, all manner of things that look after your innards and help it to heal. Breakfasts sprinkled with flax seeds and cacao nibs. Salads with spirulina dressing (which was somehow crazy tasty) to desserts filled with chia seeds and maca. Super smoothies with irish moss to raw lasagna where not one ingredient isn’t good for you. All washed down with kombucha, coconut kefir, chaga and moringa tea. I’m going the whole hog. And my body is loving me. Oh yea, and fresh juice everywhere! I’m drinking a guava and watermelon as we speak 🙂

Jenna messaged me about a free health talk at YogaBarn. I was feeling tired and not sure whether to go, i’m sure it would be interesting but I wasn’t up for it. But it would be beneficial? But maybe I should rest.. I’ve done a lot of walking.. but maybe I’ll lean something? Urgh. Eventually I went, something in my head was telling me I had to go. So I forced my lazy ass up and went. They spoke about the importance of looking after your digestive system. What foods do to it, what travel does to it, what happens when it gets ‘clogged’, or not cared for. He gave advise, and tips, and one being to clean yourself. In other words. Colonic. PING. That’s why I’m here. That’s what I need to do. After years and years of an awful diet, processed food, sugar and white refined rubbish, oil, meat,  cheese, alcohol etc etc. It must have done a load of harm. I’ve been vegan now for 16 months and eat a pretty healthy diet. I feel like my body should reflect that. That the health of my gut, reflects the healthy stuff I’m putting there. Hard to digest foods can get clogged, stuck, like meat and oil. And considering the type of diet I use to have I definitely need to flush that sh*t out. Plus there’s a ton more benefits for putting yourself through this weird bizarre probing exercise. So 3 sessions and I’m feeling fresh! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I will for sure give those pipes a clean again. “Eating lots of Dragon fruit are we?”. Erm… yes, thanks for noticing.. turns out it has the same effect as beetroot. AWKS.

I’m now doing a herbal cleanse/detox. And boy must I have a lot of toxins in me. The first 4 days my lower back and legs were in a ton of pain. My legs were constantly aching as if I had flu, and I was waking early because of my back. What the colon was going on? I decided to google this bizarreness and there it was. Detoxing and pain. There were many sites all confirming what was going on. All due to the toxins suddenly being being released  and finding there way out of your body. It feels good though, it feels like it’s working. I’ve also noticed how doing this is changing my eating habits even more. So doing even more good for me. Since I’ve been clearing the pathways and nurturing them, it actually enables you to absorb more goodness, so why do I want to be putting more rubbish back in that will just undo the good work I’ve been doing? Do I really want that Nasi Goreng?  All that oil they cook it in… Do I really wanna clog myself up again? No thanks.

So a lot is going on inside, it’s time for some cleansing on the outside. I had an organic facial where she brutality picked all my spots, but my skins never felt so alive. I’ve treated myself to a few massages, although treated isn’t the right word for some of what I’ve received. However one of these external treats entailed an hours (mostly) relaxing massage, a full herbal body scrub, and ended with a spice bath, filled with petals, and the odd bit of plant root. It was definitely the princess experience. Luxury. All for the cost of a 15 minute rub down back home.

I totally realise how incredibly lucky to be able to take this time out and completely rejuvenate and look after myself. It’s what I need, and I am so grateful for it. So cheers!


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