Soon as I arrived in Ubud I sighed relief. I’m back. In Asia I mean, I’ve never been to Indonesia before. I now realise why I never made it here on my travels last year. I never would have gone home.

It only takes a couple of days to get a little routine in play. I love a good routine. Makes me settled. I wake up early. Make myself a coffee and fruit salad. Potter about, because I love my new home and enjoy pottering. Have another cuppa. Decide what to do with my day. Maybe write some lists. My days usually contain a mixture of some kind of exploration, ticking off more cafes/restaurants from my list, a bunch of reading and writing, buying fresh fruit (seriously I have way too much in my fridge at the moment, I keep getting excited), and a heck of a lot of walking. What more could you ask for.

I love the fact that you can walk twenty minutes and you’re suddenly in the hills, jungle, or surrounded by rice fields. Away from the hustle and bustle of the town, down thin lanes trying not to get in the way of motorbikes riding past. Looking at weird ass bugs, massive spiders, and flutterbys chasing each other..

Even in the town, I love walking through all the streets admiring all the architecture, the temples (although it hard to tell whats temple and whats someones house), the plants overgrowing everything. Holding myself back from buying everything from the beautiful little shops. Smiling continuously at everyone I walk past, and say no thanks for the millionth time to taxi drivers.

The one thing I don’t enjoy however, is the birds in cages. Little birds behind little bars, no where to fly. And then there’s the big roosters under wicker baskets so they can’t even turn around. Yep. Not a fan. That unfortunately does make me super sad every time I pass.

I knew I would love it here, but wow. The sheer tranquillity and beauty of this place. I just walk around all day grinning to myself. No wonder I haven’t made any friends. That being said, I am enjoying my own company so much I’m not even trying, or do I care. Hah. Oh how things have changed in the past few years..

But for now I’m happy. Wake. Eat. Walk. Eat. Walk. Eat. Bed. Perfect.





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  1. Angel says:

    Bliss !!


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